My Open Water Dive Course Experience with Bambu Divers Candidasa - I Am a Padi Diver!

Proudly declare that I am a Padi diver. Yes, I am qualified as a diver. I've finished my Open Water Dive(OWD) course with Bambu Divers in Candidasa. The OWD course takes 4 days. Theory, skills, exams, and then go to open water. Oh yes, before continuing the story, this is not the first time I dive. I have done 4 dives (Discovery Scuba Diving) 7 years ago. But out of fear, I don't want to dive anymore. I always think of scary things before diving. Therefore I decided that diving is not for me. Wrong, And I'm back again, to change that thought. I want to fight and conquer my fears and enjoy life. And I did that.

Anyway, continue. The first day of OWD is theory, here we learned about many important things about Scuba diving. Learning the basics, rules, history, equipment etc.

The second day is a skills test. We did all the skills tests in the pool, we learned how to clean the mask and mask removal, buoyancy, BC removal, hand signals and so on. Now we have two days to study all the theories and be ready for the test.

The third day of OWD was the day I waited nervously and excitedly, all mixed up. We go to open water by boat from Candidasa. 2 dives in two different places/sites, Jepun and Jepun Wreck. Dive with a depth of 18 meters. The water is warm 30 degrees, clear and calm. We saw soft corals, triggerfish, moray eels, trumpets, the wreck and more. I keep my focus (calmly) and stayed close to my instructor and my buddy. What I do is serious but fun. After all the skill tests while diving, we enjoyed the beauty of the world under the sea and I was stunned. The same day after diving. We take the final test, which we have to pass above 80%, otherwise we will dive in the bathtub rather than on the reef! Finished and of course I passed the exam. and so are my dive buddy. All of that was a great and tiring first day in open water.

The final day of OWD we did two dives in two different places. Performs some skill tests at a depth of 7 meters and after that we swim around the coral wall or often called Drop Off. After the first dive is finished, we dive at the Sculpture Park site for the second dives. It was beautiful and this time, we had time to enjoy the surroundings without having to do any test again. one word I can say it was Amazing!

Still, I am so glad that I did not let fear stop me from giving it try. Even though it turns out I am a person who is afraid of everything and easily panic in the water. But proud that I did it at all. I had other opportunities in the past and never took them out of fear. I never thought it was something I 'd gathered the courage to do. Many thanks to Gerard for not letting me out of the course. One thing that makes me believed in going diving is because of his experience. I have qualified as a diver, so I look forward to the opportunity to go diving again!

Do one step at a time!

One thing that helped me was to take it step by step. I know I'm afraid to go scuba diving in the sea. But I don't have to do that first. All I have to do is wear my wet-suit. Then all I have to do is get on the boat. Can I do that? Sure.

Then all I have to do is put on my gear and fall back into the water. Can I do that? Yes. At that time, all that remained was to go underwater and I scuba diving in the sea.

You only need to answer yourself if you give up or are afraid. Take a deep breath and you can do it. Get out and conquer your fears. Even if things get really bad, you will achieve more than you ever dreamed of, that you can do.

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