Yayasan Permata Bali (Orphanage) in Karangasem - Bali - Indonesia

The children of the Yayasan Permata Bali were children at risk. They worked or begged on the streets to survive. These children had either been abused by their parents or abandoned as their parents were too poor to provide for them. Their last resort of survival was the streets. These children are left defenseless, and many times are forced into child prostitution. Without protection, these children would be homeless, starving, abused, uneducated, unloved and alone; fighting each day for mere survival.

Yayasan Permata Bali began as a small social work/community development to the street children who lived in the slum areas. This ministry was pioneered by Ibu Tina, a fiery single mom from the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. By actively working with and supporting the street children Ibu Tina discovered that many of the children were living in abusive situations, or had been left abandoned with no one to care for them. The need for a safe home became very apparent. With blind faith, Ibu Tina rented a home and began taking in children one-by-one as needs arose. Over the years, foreigners have come to either help volunteer their time in the home or give donations. Since the very beginnings of the home, God has faithfully provided the daily needs of the home without fail.

The Yayasan Permata Bali currently provides love, hope and an education for 24 children. Yayasan Permata supports 1 additional new baby girl.

Following this concept they will never stop expanding, offering an ever-growing number of otherwise destitute children love, hope and a meaningful future.

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