Permata Bali Orphanage, West Seraya - Karangasem - Bali

Permata Bali Orphanage. The foundation is located west of Seraya, Karangasem. About 25 minutes from Candidasa or 7 minutes from Ujung Park (The Water Palace).

Almost all of the children here have received a good education. Some are still sitting in elementary school, high school and some even work. Their ability to speak English is very impressive.

It's rare for anyone to leave this place without change. It is actually very common for someone to come with the intention of giving, only to find that they leave fresh with a new outlook on their own lives. 

So, please stay for a while and get to know children and volunteers. Explore pictures and see what everyday life is like here. Share laughter with children, or experience the priceless feelings of a "new" child by carefully expanding their trust and taking your hand.

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