Pub Quiz Night Every 2nd Friday of the Month At Crazy Kangaroo Restaurant, Candidasa - Bali

There is something different this time around Candidasa especially in Crazy Kangaroo Restaurant. Every second Friday of the month, Crazy Kangaroo held a Pub Quiz. If you have heard this, surely you already know what it means. And if not, what's it all about? 

It's easy. It's a quiz that takes place in a pub. People play in teams (max. 4 persons each team) against everyone else. They put their phones away, turn off their laptops and see just how much random, useless knowledge they have and how that compares to the other people in the room.

The question is randomized, insight into history, artists, music, food, and other social sciences. The final result will be summed and the winner is divided into three winners. Who gets the most points becomes the main winner and earns prizes sponsored by Crazy Kangaroo.

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