The main landmark for sightseeing in Candidasa is Lotus Lagoon, featuring interesting sights. Here you can enjoy the fuchsia lotus flowers, beautiful blooms every season.

You might also like to see:

Adoring old Balinese temples and taking a little nature adventure is not enough. Watch the Pandan War in the oldest village, called Tenganan Village, for a unique culture experience. A group of young men strike their opponents with the thorny pandan leaves like a sword. Come in between June and July to enjoy this unique tradition.

Escape to the outlying areas of Candidasa is a perfect plan. Make it real by visiting White Sand Beach. The white sand beach is perfectly described as the most exotic treasure. Located in remote areas, never stop attracting people to satisfy their wandering passions. Get comfortable lounge chairs and enjoy the sun ,freshly picked coconuts and enjoy fresh seafood.

Built by the king of Karangasem, Ujung Park is described as a relic of a historic building in Bali's easternmost region. It consists of several large pools and historic buildings with the background of Mount Agung and is on the beach side. The blend of Balinese and European architecture in the Karangasem royal complex is remarkable.

Another historic site you need to visit is Tirta Gangga Water Park. It was built by Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut, one of the kings of Karangasem in 1946. Divided by several large ponds full of fish, with Balinese mystical statues is the attraction of the park. Although once destroyed by the eruption of Mount Agung in 1963, the water park remains adorable.

Bukit Asah is a new recreation place for nature lovers with beautiful sea views at sunrise and sunset. For those who likes outdoor activities like camping, this place is perfect to spend the night in the tent. There are several stalls and also toilets are provided. You can also rent a tent to the locals at a relatively cheap and affordable price.

photo credit to buletindewata

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