Crazy Kangaroo Restaurant in Candidasa

Crazy Kangaroo. It sounds crazy isn’t? but do not be fooled by the name. People say "don't judge a book from its cover". And that is true. Crazy kangaroo is one of the most prominent place in Candidasa. Yet, people gets confuse when they heard about the name Crazy Kangaroo. But when you entering the restaurant you will find its cozy with beautiful and friendly ambiance and warmed Balinese smile as a greetings to welcoming you enter the restaurant. Crazy Kangaroo restaurant serves Asian and Western Cuisine and an open kitchen with panoramic glass windows that you can see inside how chef cook prepared your food freshly. 

The restaurant consists of three main areas. There is a romantic garden area in front-side, under the flowering trees and on the white little stones and there are many Koi fish in the fishpond. 

Then there is a sports bar with big screen television, and a games room with a pool table, dart board and board games. And finally the main restaurant with big chandelier and there are stage for live entertainment.

Popular dishes include carpaccio as starter, chicken florentine, fresh mahi-mahi or beef steak that melt in your tongue as the main meals. Everyday they have special menu to offer just in case that you have try all the menu :)

From the bar you have a good selection of cocktails. These include local favorites and classics like Arak attack, Blue Monday and the Long Island Iced Tea. You can play billiards and dart a few other games for free. And, as a family-friendly restaurant, there are also several board games for the kids to enjoy.

Crazy kangaroo daily live performances ranging from Traditional Balinese Dances, Fire Dancers and local Bands that includes 60s,70, 80s, 90s, classic rock and pop. If you live around the area of Candidasa, you can request a shuttle service free.