Do Rafting And Enjoying The Beautiful Scenery, Bali - Indonesia

Rafting is a very enjoyable activity if you want something fun and different holiday atmosphere. The location of this rafting track is in Ubud. From Candidasa about 1 hour depending on traffic jam on the road. The rafting guides can be great if the currents are strong in the rainy season. With spectacular views, the cliffs of the waterfall and the rafting itself is very thrilling. 

You will spend approximately 2 hours rowing while enjoying the beauty of the cliffs and the refreshing green scenery and of course the excitement of the currents that awaken adrenaline. Half a trip, you will stop at a beautiful waterfall and refresh, after resting you will continue to the next journey to get to finish spot. 

The only downside is that hundreds or thousands of stairs to and from the river will be very draining. They provided shower, water and towels and lunch with variant of Indonesian food. All in all it is fun adventure.

Note: You can book this fun/exciting adventure from the hotel where you are staying in Candidasa. A good time to do this activity is during the rainy season because the flow is better.

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