Blue Lagoon
is only 10 minutes by traditional boat from the beach in Candidasa. This shallow coastal reef has a sandy bottom, a wall and a gradual slope. It has a good variety of hard and soft corals and has a surprising variety of fish, from the small tropical fish to the larger fish like sharks and turtles.

The Ferry Channel
is close to the beach of Padang Bai, only 10 minutes by traditional boat from the beach in Candidasa. The gradual slope has a sandy bottom. The dive starts in the ferry channel and ends around the corner on the Tanjung Sari dive site. A great place to look for pygmee sea horses and to spot reef sharks. Due to tides and currents the site is not always accessible.

Bias Tugal dive site
located in Padang Bai is a very nice coral plateau. It is quite shallow at only around 10 m deep. It is a good site for training diving courses in Bali or for macro photography. Is is possible to dive much deeper around 30 to 40 m deep but currents can tricky and strong, so be careful!

Macro observation and photography spot 
This location is a Reef. This is great place for spotting and diving with Sharks! You can dive Bias Tugal all year long. Fishes you may spot while diving Bias Tugal Angel Fish Barracuda Boxfish Clownfish Crocodile Fish Filefish Napoleon Wrasse Nudi branch Puffer fish Pygmy Seahorse Ribbon Eel Scorpion Fish Sweet Lip Triggerfish Turtle White tip Shark ... and more fishes & sea life, Ghost Pipefish, Moray, Reef Cuttlefish, Squid, Stingray.

Tanjung Jepun
lies on the north side of the Padang Bai diving area past Blue Lagoon. This dive site has a sandy bottom and small groups of corals. It is a great location for finding smaller marine life such as Sea horses , Mantis shrimps , the Crocodile fish, Blue spotted stingrays! It is also a great place for underwater macro photography (Frogfish) with many strange and rare animals and is a very good night dive. There is an artificial reef and a small wreck at about 17 m deep. The dive site starts quite shallow and gradually slopes to some 27 meters.

Tanjung Sari dive site
is just North of Padang Bai, only 15 minutes by traditional boat from the beach in Candidasa. The site consists of a small wall and a reef on a sandy slope. The site is great for spotting interesting smaller marine life such as the scorpion leaf fish, nudi branches and the octopus as well as sharks and turtles. It is generally an easy dive and great for exploring.

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