Gili Mimpang, Tepekong 
Gili Biaha means a small island, reef slope, deep walls and shark cave. Its about 20 minutes with boat from Candidasa beach. Most current is moderate to strong, normally big surge in the afternoon so better only dives there when the current is not too strong. In the shark cave at about 12 meters depth. Excellent number of fish species: moray eels, napoleon wrasses, tunas, barracudas, turtles, octopus, cuttlefish. High chance of seeing sharks (white tip reef sharks). When leaving the cave you will find the most amazing display of colorful reef fish and light. The wall has a few terraces and you can often spot a variety of nudibranchs and if you are lucky, a scorpion leaf fish.

Gili Mimpang consists of 4 mini rock islands and is located between the village of Candidasa and Bugbug. The quality of the reef is healthy and it boasts a rich marine life with the occasional shark, turtle, manta ray and in season the mola mola (Sun Fish). The site is a combination of slopes and walls. Many dive school offers trips to Gili Mimpang for the more experienced diver.

Gili Tepekong is a small island, reef slopes and vertical walls. On this site for advanced divers, you can expect to find large schools of barracudas, turtles and in season the mola mola. The current can be challenging at times, so better only dives there when the current is not too strong.

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