One Of The Oldest Villages In Bali "Tenganan Village aka BALI AGA" Karangasem - East Bali

Tourist attractions in Bali are not only limited with natural scenery, beaches, mountains or beautiful rice fields. You may not know that in Bali there are villages that still maintain the pattern of community life that refers to the traditional rules of traditional village inherited by the ancestors. One of the villages is a Tenganan village located in the eastern Bali district of Karangasem. The existence of Tenganan Village is a special attraction for tourists, presenting a unique and different way of life, thus providing a valuable picture on your travels. Tenganan village or also called Bali Aga. This tourist attraction is one of the oldest villages located in eastern Bali, Karangasem. To reach the village of Tenganan, from Candidasa approximately 5.3 kilometers, about 13 minutes. Tenganan village existed before the invasion of Majapahit kingdom came to the island of Bali. Although its existence is widely known by many people ranging from tourists from various countries, but Tenganan Village has not gained too much influence outside, consistently and hereditary to retain all cultures and customs and traditions..

Every year Tenganan villagers hold a Perang Pandan (Pandan War) festival. Where, a friendly duel between all villagers especially men, who fight each other with a small rattan shield in one hand and a pack of leafy (Pandan) on the other side. You as a tourist can also join together celebrate the feast of victory and also a tribute to Indra, the god of war.

Perang Pandan is one of the traditions performed to honor the God of war. They carry on a tradition of pandan war each year to relive their freedom over the cruel and cruelty of Maya King Dena and to honor the god Indra who is also known by the Hindu community as a God of War. During this celebration you can also see the fabrication of Geringsing 'double ikat' valuable heritage, which the villagers use as part of the family during the ritual. The views of the village houses are gracefully decorated, and the girls ride on the big wooden swings as well as the various local food that you can try

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